Other wise known as NAmeless. We are a corps in the HK version of Fantasy earth zero
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 Ichigo's Money making guide ^^

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PostSubject: Ichigo's Money making guide ^^   Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:07 pm

Hey Everyone!
This guide is going to tell you how to get rich quick!
In DreamerRO most people choose to farm in the Bossnia Dgn BUT THEY'RE ALL WRONG! It takes way too long and too much teleporting back and forth.

Just earlier i was able to get a billion zeny in just 30 minutes. The trick is to just find what everybody wants in the server. ( It is usually a drooping hat/ or card from a MVP boss monster.) Right now the hottest item is any mvp drop from the Ghostring. (Cards sell for 4 billion zeny.) Ghostrings are mini bosses and can be found at:
1. @warp pay_fild04
2. @warp gld_dun04 (You will have to go to the first floor and find the warps >.<)
3. @warp prt_maze03
4.@warp treasure02

Ghostrings are extremly hard to find and the drop rate for their card are really low No

Here is a Wiki guide for all ways to get money:!

Another Method:
The casino is a great place to get money *cough* Its actually a great place to lose money, but if you are a hero (Character with hero set) you may bet on the wheel of fortune which can get you 170 billion Smile

Well that's it! If anymore money making methods come up I will post them in the future ^^.[b]
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Ichigo's Money making guide ^^
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