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 Thief Class Guide! (Do not worry about stats until you are max level.)

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PostSubject: Thief Class Guide! (Do not worry about stats until you are max level.)   Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:24 pm

Born and raised as an orphan without even knowing his/her parents' faces, wandering in the back alleys of cities, King Tristan 3rd's recruitment for adventurers was a great opportunity.

He/She doesn't have much physical strength, not allowing for long marches or battes, but amongst the chaos, he/she is skilled a confusing opponents and dodging their attacks.

The chaos caused by this Thief will be most definitely play an important role in taking down enemies.
~Gay right?~
The requirements for being a thief is Job Level 10.
Skill Tree:


Assassin and Rogue Need to be ob level 50
Assassin: The DPS class in 2-1 classes. ( Advantage: Poisen Affect.)


Rogue: Rogue is more of a hide and steal kill class. (Advantage: Steal money from pvp/monsters.)


Transcendent 2-1/2 Job Class (In order to become one you will need to be reborn and job level 50 again.)
Assassin Cross and Stalker.
Assassin Cross is the class after assassin. (Advantage: Strong attacks and boost i poisen attacks .)


Stalker: The class after rogue. (Advantage: "Parry moves," longer stealth, and copy moves from other players.)


Trans 3-1/2 Classes
Guillotine Cross and Shadow Chaser.
Guillotine Cross: The class after Assassin Cross. (Advantage: AOE poisen and AOE attacks.)


Shadow Chaser: The class after Stalker. (Advantage: Able to take away SP and HP from enemies. This class sucks tho >.<.)

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Thief Class Guide! (Do not worry about stats until you are max level.)
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